The Signs Of A Happy Dog

Millions of dog owners in the USA spent almost 100 billion dollars last year taking care of their pets.  While this amount of money may seem high to most, to a dog owner, no amount of money is too much to ensure the happiness of their greatest companion. Ensuring that your dog has everything it needs to stay healthy and active is also a big part of ensuring that your dog is happy.  There are some tell-tale signs your dog will show to let you know if the money you are spending genuinely makes them as happy as the dogs in Hounds Town dog daycare

Language Indicators

A wagging tail is usually the best way to tell if your dog is happy.  Most people see a wagging tail when dogs are being fed or played with.  However, your dog’s tail should usually always be, at the very least, upright and active.  If you find that your dog constantly has their tail between its legs, it could be a sign of an unhappy or unhealthy pet.

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Additionally, a happy dog has a relaxed body.  If you find that your dog is constantly tense or shaking without any external stimulus such as excess noise, it may indicate more serious mental or physical issues within your pet.

Outside of physical indicators, there are also several nonverbal behaviors a dog may project to show you that they are happy.

Attitudes & Behavior Issues

Playful and active dogs are usually happy ones.  However, if you find that your dog is lazy or unwilling to do activities with you, it could be your dog’s way of saying they are not happy.

Aggressive biting, scratching, digging, or barking could also be a sign that your dog is anxious or unhappy.